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2020 Website Design Trends To Think About

In order to make your website relevant online, it needs to stand out from the rest. How exactly do you make it stand out? By paying attention to 2020 website design trends. Sometimes, all you need is to research the winning recipes of popular sites and take things from there.

This article is going to provide some insight into how you should approach the design of your website. Even if you already have a site in place, think about whether it complies with the following trends, from Web Design Hull.

A Balanced Approach

It is natural to do as much as possible with every bit of website space you have. But once you start overwhelming your visitors with a complicated design, you risk increasing the bounce rate. You want to create an atmosphere where visitors feel comfortable from the very beginning. And you can only achieve this by making strategic designs with the website design.

Sometimes Less Is More

You will come across many popular sites that are based on a minimalist design. This is when the designer strips away the distractions and focuses on smaller details. For example, more effort and thought should go into the fonts that are used, as well as the colour scheme. Colour can be very powerful when you use it right. And remember, the right colour can make the site pop.

Quick Loading Speed

The loading speed of the site is very important for several reasons. And while the design aspect only forms part of how quickly the site ultimately loads, it still has great influence. The more visual appeal you try to implement with the design can potentially take away from the loading speed. As mentioned, this is not a good thing. Not only are users going to get frustrated, but search engines penalise websites with pages that take ages to load.


As you know, users can use many different devices to access the internet. This also means the experience is going to be different for every user. If your site cannot adapt or respond to these devices, the consequences are negative, to say the least. One of them involves losing out on quality organic traffic. And the last thing you want is to lose exposure.

Very User-Friendly

It is critical that you make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. This has to be kept in mind during the design process. The design should also be tested before going live. Friends and family can share their experience on the site. Then you can use the feedback to make necessary tweaks.

Overall Good User Experience

At the end of the day, you want to approach website design in 2020 with search engines in mind. More importantly, search engines are always on a mission to provide the best user experience. That means providing users with the most relevant sites based on solid designs.

You do not always have to go overboard to make your website stand out. Just make the right choices and keep the fundamentals in mind.